Friday, December 21, 2018

Our Ferret Breeding Plans

From 2011 our breeding program will be divided into two floors:

- Breed plan. "FANCY COLORS": this project includes all the ferrets suitable for reproducing with coat colors or fur lengths different from the original or 'wild' type, such as harlequins, self, and angora.

Consider the problems that are often related to these types of cloaks (not always for the color itself, as with the Harlequins, but also and especially for the unethical way and the even less criterion with which they were selected and bred previously ), our thought is to continue ONLY the bloodlines that are healthy and free of visible defects, in the hope of having overtime stronger and perhaps more long-lived animals, as well as perfectly relevant to the standard and with good character.

- Breed plan. "NOT FANCY" or "(DARK) SABLE FERRETS": this is a project almost entirely new in Italy, but already in use in other parts of Europe, dedicated exclusively to the revaluation and "repopulation" of ancestral colors, or our original short-haired sibling friends, commonly called "mask".

In this project are included only ferrets of standard coloring (possibly dark> dark sable), which have in genealogy only other ferrets with the same characteristics or hybrids with wild polecats. The purpose of this plan is mainly to try not to lose the origins of the ferret in general, and in particular of the Italian, but also to understand SE, and how much, these ferrets 'all natural' can actually be healthier and long-lived.

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